Diocesan Arts Centre : Stage 2

The Arts Centre is the culmination of the vision for the Campus created 20 years ago vision for Diocesan School. It is a centre of excellence for the girls in performing arts but also a symbol of the importance of the sense of community and a celebration of all aspects of life on campus. This second stage of the project is a 920-seat multipurpose theatre/auditorium which complements the adjacent teaching and rehearsal facilities for music, drama and dance. The theatre combines a traditional proscenium stage with optimal acoustics to suit diverse performance requirements ranging from speech to music recital. The interior design provides an intimacy and warmth that makes the theatre equally suitable for events with smaller audience numbers.

A dramatic foyer connects all elements of the building creating a sense of arrival for parents and alumni, its interior glow clearly visible from the street at night. By day a subtle pattern of corduroy and leaf on the white exposed aggregate concrete panels creates a sense of movement from the auditorium that becomes a rhythm of blades, evoking the movement of a dancer, wrapping around the fully glazed foyer.  Each structural element is gently twisted and warped whilst supporting a perforated aluminium screen that filters the light and becomes a ribbon that shrouds the Foyer